TimeTable Ribbon
The TimeTable Visio plug-in includes a set of commands in the ribbon that you'll need to work with your schedule.
The whole ribbon
This page will break down the ribbon into panels.



When you open a TimeTable Template to create a new project, you'll be prompted to import a schedule. If you've dismissed this window you can bring it back by clicking on the Import command in the Schedule Tab.


This Tab is where you can make changes to the TimeTable.


The Configure command will open the Configure TimeTable window:
The Configure TimeTable Window allows you to change the scale, date range, and included WBS of your schedule.

Resize Page

This command will change the ratio only of the page to match the printer page destination. For example, if you'd like to print to an 11x17 Tabloid, but your existing TimeTable is 3'-5" wide and 14" tall, half of the 11"x17" will be blank. Resizing it will change the height only of your TimeTable (the width can be changed only by adjusting the scale and date range in the Configure TimeTable Window).

Zoom Selected

This will zoom and center the selected task or WBS on your screen. Both of these can be selected in the Outline Window.

Data Date

With this box it checked, it will put a vertical red line on the TimeTable. The Data Date, in most scheduling software, is the last day the schedule was updated. This is important because if your data date was 3 months ago, then–especially in construction–then your schedule is likely outdated.
The Data Date is extracted from the imported schedule. Currently, there is no way to manually place a data date (other than using built-in Visio tools
) .

Outline Window

The Outline Window command opens the Outline Window. More like a project explorer, the Outline Window presents many tool, including the ability to manage legends, move WBS containers between pages, and manage styles.


The 3rd panel in the TimeTable ribbon


This command is used exclusivley for WBS Containters