Purchasing and activating a license.

If you've been sent a coupon code by us, you'll need to use that to get TimeTable for free. Using the link we provided, along with the coupon code, TimeTable will be free. Please use your email address to have the license sent to you. The email will include a link to download the latest and greatest TimeTable. Please have Visio closed during installation.
The coupon code is not the same as the license. The coupon code makes getting the license free.
Once TimeTable is installed, you'll still need to launch it, activate your license, and restart Visio for TimeTable to fully function.
We are currently in beta. We anticipate being in beta stage until the end of 2021, subject to change. The license can be purchased in the plugin by clicking on the TimeTable Logo in the Ribbon, and then clicking on license:
Robins & Morton employees get free access by contacting Daniel Soliman.
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