Starting a new TimeTable Project
Once the plugin is installed, you'll need to open a Visio Template

Using Visio Backstage

To start a new TimeTable Project you'll need to open the TimeTable Visio template. If you've just installed TimeTable for the first time, then you'll likely need to navigate through the list of templates to find the TimeTable template. If you don't already see it when you first launch Visio then go to Categories (or Personal) β†’ Buildfore β†’ and the Template is here...
Using this template the first time will keep it in the forefront of the backstage moving forward.
If you're just opening an existing project then you don't need to use a template.

Using Windows Start

There is a quicker way to start a new TimeTable. Hit Start --> and just type "timetable" until the New TimeTable template you need appears.
If you're using Visio 2010 then be sure to pick one of the 2010 Templates, otherwise, use 2013+.
TimeTable uses set scales, for example 1 day = 1/4" or 1 day = 20mm. If you'd like to use inches then pick an Imperial Template, otherwise millimeters are used in the Metric template.