TimeTable Visio is a Microsoft Visio plugin that imports CPM schedules into a format that is easier to comprehend.
Welcome to the documentation for TimeTable Visio!

What is TimeTable

Timetable Visio is a way to view CPM schedules. It takes your schedule and puts it in TimeTable format. TimeTables are Timescaled Logic Diagrams (TLSD). Similar to Gantt charts, TimeTables are charts where the X-axis represents time and the y-axis represents tasks. Unlike Gantt charts, more than one task can appear on the same line in the y-axis.
We like to think that your CPM schedule that you've created in your scheduling software is the single-source-of-truth. This means any changes you want to make to your schedule should be done in its authoring tool.
TimeTable is also a planning tool. You can create Tasks, without logic, and place them freely on your TimeTable. This is great for quick & collaborative planning sessions.

What TimeTable is not

TimeTable is not a CPM scheduling tool. It is just a reporting tool. Any changes made in TimeTable are not communicated in any way back to the schedule authoring tool you used.
Imported Activities and WBS are locked horizontally to prevent any changes.

Getting Started

If you're new, you should start with the Getting Started guide, which gives you an overview of the tool.
TimeTable Visio is a plugin for Microsoft Visio. 32-bit and 64-bit are both supported all the way back to Visio 2010. The installer can be found in the installation section of this guide.


TimeTable Visio does not store your project files or information on our servers.
The exception is if you specifically ask us to look at a Project for the purpose of customer service.
We use a third party service called Zendesk to provide customer support.

Bug reports & feature requests

Email us at [email protected] to request new features or submit a bug.

Feedback on this help guide

We're working hard to constantly improve our documentation.
Let us know of any improvement suggestions to the docs at [email protected]!
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