Abbreviations Tool
Task Descriptions from P6 and MS Project are too descriptive
Abbreviations are a great way to shorten those long task descriptions from your schedule import into something more concise that fits inside shorter task bars.
When you first install TimeTable Visio you’ll get a default abbreviations.csv file which includes almost 100 phrases and words with their corresponding abbreviations. This .csv can be copied and modified, and ultimately imported into your TimeTable Visio Project to automatically re-label your tasknames. You can (and probably should) keep separate CSV files for different projects.
Remember, hovering your mouse over a task will always show you its original name, and you can always reset the Task Label.

Understanding Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions is a powerful way to find and replace text when the text you want to find may just need to fit some constraints instead of being exact. For example, if the schedule appended the level to every task (i.e. "-L6", "-L7", etc.), you could use Regular Expressions to remove that extra text from all the activities that follow that some structure.
Because Regular Expressions are powerful, they can take some time to learn. The video below shows you everything you need to know with great examples.