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2020.7.1.1 - July 13, 2020


  • New Timescale shape
    • add a Timescale shape anywhere on your page
    • 14 different date format options
    • stack Timescale shapes for unlimited options
  • Legends
    • now show counts per page instead of per project
    • show all the values of a page up to 20, instead of just 3
    • can now be styled: font, fill, and line styles and colors
    • option to hide Zero values
  • Change


  • drastic speed improvements with new algorithm
  • Date ranges now extend beyond the imported date range
  • WBS Container right-click improvements
  • change color values of multiple activities at once
  • Checking or unchecking the WBS in the Configure TimeTable window won't automatically change the date range
  • Non-driving links hidden by default
  • Assigning a Manual Responsible does so for that task across all pages
  • See how much time it took to place all of the tasks and links on a page in the progress indicator


  • WBS Overlapping issues are fixed
  • Excessive Vertical space in WBS fixed
  • Multi-page now works again
  • Weekend shading was appearing in front WBS containers, no more
  • Milestone Labels lost their right control handle, they're back
  • Misc fixes for Print Date Range
  • WBS Containers no longer get disbanded when changing date range
  • To disband a WBS you had to hit the command twice, now fixed

2020.4.2 - (April 14, 2020)


  • Screentips on Ribbon commands
  • Get support without leaving TimeTable: Click on TimeTable Icon → Feedback
  • Added Shortcut to this Changelog in TimeTable Icon
  • Links are now always imported and hidden by default
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  • Release date displayed as YYYY-MM-DD (UNC) format
  • Version comments in updater now easier to read

2020.4.1 (April 8, 2020)


  • Direct P6 Import (plus many more formats)
  • Manually color individual activities
  • New license server
  • Auto-Update!
  • Calculate critical path
  • You can now delete tasks


  • Color Legend Interface
  • Lock Tasks in their WBS containers
  • Progress hatching visible on white tasks
  • Task colors are no longer pastel-ized
  • Multi-Page Support with any date range


  • Activity borders are dark again
  • Several task leader fixes
  • Tasks marked as complete are not critical
  • Several Timescale fixes
  • Excessive vertical space fixes
  • Allow renaming of WBS & Tasks longer than original
  • Rotate text retains shape
  • Undo works again
  • Links display correct lag values now
  • Many other under-the-hood fixes

Primavera P6 support

First, you can now import P6 XML (or .xer) files directly. Special thanks to Jon Iles at for his support. With his contribution we can import schedules of almost any format. The elephant in the room: because knowing the criticality for each task is important, and because P6 doesn’t include that info in its exports, we decided it was important to calculate float (criticality), with caveats.
Criticality is a function of total float (how many days a task can be delayed before it delays the whole project). P6 does include Early and Late dates in its export, so if you take the difference between them you have the float. However, the difference shouldn’t include non-working days. Because TimeTable only has one calendar, if you use one calendar too then there’s no issue. But, if your project uses multiple calendars for different tasks then the float values calculated in TimeTable could be slightly different than what your CPM software showed. We don’t feel this is a big enough reason to not calculate Float. Chances are your critical path won’t change at all.
Supporting multiple calendars isn’t in our roadmap currently, but it is something we have our eye on.

Revamped Color Legend

Our old color legend was functional, but the UI wasn’t great. There were 3 different dropdowns to choose a single option, if you had parameters to color code by it wasn’t obvious, if you didn’t have parameters to color code by that wasn’t obvious either. So, we completely overhauled the Color Legend. Just a single dropdown based on how you want to color code, and it only shows you the options that are available.

No more pastels

Not only this, but the colors that you choose are now the ones that appear on the TimeTable, not pastel variants which was hated, by all.

Color individual tasks

We had this in our very first release, but it broke in our second release and we now just fixed it: Our new UI makes it more obvious: you can manually color code activities.
Add all the possible values in the Color Legend > Manual: Responsible and they'll then appear as an option when you double click on Activities.
Plus, depending on which Color Legend you have active, when you drop a manual task you'll automatically be prompted to choose which value to color by.

Auto Update

Pretty self-explanatory, after this update you’ll automatically get notified of new updates right within Visio when you have a TimeTable open.

October 2019 Release

Initial Beta Release


  • Multi-page Support
  • Abbreviations
  • Height Preview
  • Print Range


  • Timescale text sizes
  • WBS Containers aren't shaded gray anymore
  • Visual Indicators for Activities and WBS container that continue past the page
  • Activity Text leaders - doesn't have to fit in the box
  • Relationship Links are now straight instead of curvy
  • Configuration Window fixes


  • Timescale & TimeTable layout bug fixes
  • Tree selection fixes

Known Issues

  • Re-labeling a task with a name longer than the original name results in just the original name
  • Adding “Responsible” to manual tasks doesn’t generate respective options in the color legend.
  • Manually re-sorting tasks/wbs after a print range has been defined and then re-defining the print range causes unintended shape placement.
  • New Page only allows you to place a TimeTable with the same date range as your last TimeTable

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